Personal Training
Fitness Programs

Our Trainers have design multiple strength training program that builds muscle power, hypertrophy and endurance. Our aim is to provide strength training programs that allow you to build muscle, making you a stronger, leaner and healthier. We provide one on one training as well as group fitness programs designed to teach you how to stay fit and keep you active. Personal training  allows for faster results as well as teaches proper techniques for proper fat loss and muscle gain. Our variety of fitness courses give you the opportunity to try many routines to find the one that is most enjoyable and works best for your body.


Fitness Programs

Strength & Conditioning

Weight Training (dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell)
Rice Paddy Running Track
High Intensity Interval
Calisthenics Training
Crossfit Training
Trx core training

Fat Loss

Establish Lifetime Exercise Habits
Customized Meal Plan
Build Lean Muscle
Target Excess Fat
Aerobic Exercise
Weight Lifting


Unconventional Training Trend Carrying Heavy Objects (wood logs, Kegs, ect)
Throwing & Lifting Heavy Stones
Upper & Lower Body Kinetics
Mountain Climb (4,287 Stairs)
Sled pushing
Tire Flips


Increase Cardiovascular Efficiency
Jumpstarts Fitness Goals
Intense Group Intervals
Full Body Workout
One Hour of Drills
Obstacle Course
Core Circuits

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